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Our Meeting for Worship

Our meeting location has changed.  We are currently meeting at the home of Elaine Martin, 1974 Willesdon Drive East, Jacksonville, FL 32246.  Please see below for directions.  Our meeting is open to the public.  Enter through the gate to the right of the house, and park in the back.

Our Meeting for Worship begins as the first person enters silently, sits down, and turns her or his mind toward Spirit/God.  We quietly center ourselves to the stillness of the Meeting; tuning out the sounds of the world outside and turning our attention to the inner voice.  Don't worry if you find your mind juggling lively thoughts.  Find peace in the stillness surrounding you.

Our children sit silently with us for the first 15 minutes, after which they are excused for silent study or First Day School.

Our Meeting for Worship is unprogrammed.  There are no prepared sermons, songs, or prayers.  We sit in quiet waiting, listening for our own leadings of the Spirit.  If a leading comes, we speak the message into the silence.  There is no commenting or discussion following each message.  Instead, we return to silence; humbly digesting the spoken message.

Meeting ends when the Clerk announces the end of the hour.  Friends are warmly welcomed; announcements are made; visiting commences.

Directions to Join Us (see link to map below)

Everyone is welcome to attend our Meeting for Worship, held every First Day/ Sunday at 10:30am.  We currently meet at the home of Elaine Martin,  1974 Willesdon Drive East, Jacksonville, FL  32246.  For more directions, please call 904-768-3648.  (If nobody is available, the answering machine will pick up after six rings, so please be patient.)


Directions via Google Maps

If you have any questions about our Meeting or Quakerism, please email us.

We are a member of the Southeastern Yearly Meeting.

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